Lenovo AI infrastructure built to meet the demands of large-scale digital twins

Purpose-built to meet the demands of large-scale digital twins, optimized to run on Lenovo NVIDIA-Certified Systems™

Designed for Large-Scale Digital Twin Deployments

  • Accelerate digital twin workloads with a computing system designed for the complex computing demands of digital twins.
  • Optimized for the most demanding Omniverse workloads, NVIDIA OVX™ on Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 V2 provide the features and performance required to build large-scale digital twins- physically accurate, AI-enabled, replicas of physical environments and processes that are synchronized with real-time data.
  • Combination of high-performance GPU accelerated graphics and AI capabilities, high-speed, secure networking, and enterprise-grade management in the leading data center servers available from Lenovo.
  • Lenovo is the only vendor able to deliver the vast portfolio of solutions required for digital twin simulation, from mobile devices to workstations to core data center infrastructure.

Scalable Performance

  • Visualize and conduct massive simulations at data center scale with OVX™. The OVX™ computing system’s POD architecture is designed for multi-node scalability to support the most demanding Omniverse workloads.
  • Lenovo modular design sets our AI-ready servers apart. The SR670 V2 allows for multiple CPU/GPU configurations to meet the requirements of Omniverse/OVX™.
  • Scale from a single pod consisting of 8 Lenovo SR670 v2 servers, management systems, switches, and storage, up to a superpod for massive digital twin simulations.
  • Enable true-to-reality simulations with high-speed storage and low-latency precision networking for real-time accuracy and synchronization with physical systems.
  • Lenovo is the leader in building solutions for NVIDIA Omniverse™ for individuals up to the largest true-to-reality simulations, all optimized to run on Lenovo NVIDIA-Certified Systems™ from your mobile to the data center.
  • As the #1 provider of supercomputers in the world, Lenovo excels at delivering the high-throughput, low-latency systems required for OVX™/Omniverse.

Omniverse Enterprise

  • Lenovo and NVIDIA are partnering to deliver real-time remote work capabilities enabled by NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise running on the latest NVIDIA GPU-equipped Lenovo platforms. From simulations and digital twins to design & development workflows, employees can do their most creative work with this new modular development framework.
  • Large scale industrial digital twins running on OVX™ computing systems will be powered by Omniverse Enterprise, a real-time physically accurate world simulation and 3D design collaboration platform.
  • Omniverse Enterprise provides a flexible, customizable software platform to build digital twins and is continuously enhanced with new applications, extensions, and connectors to third-party applications.

Solution Brief: Lenovo Every scale OVX Solutions for NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

A digital twin is a highly virtual model that is an exact representation, or "twin", of a physical object or business process. Digital twins can be the virtual mirror of entire buildings, factories, distribution centers, cities, or even the whole planet.

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