Enterprises are empowered to harness the power of AI

The time of AI is now. AI is critical for every enterprise to not only survive but prosper in this digital transformation. NVIDIA AI Enterprise powered by Lenovo AI platforms provides the tools needed to support every enterprise department in delivering end-to-end AI workflows, accelerate time to production, deploy at scale, backed by the security of the enterprise support and expertise to make it work.

AI Workflows

Data Prep with NVIDIA RAPIDS
  • 70x faster performance than similar CPU configuration
  • 20x more cost-effective than similar CPU configuration
Train at Scale
  • PyTorch and TensorFlow accelerate AI development and deployment cycles, eliminating the need to procure, manage, certify, and deploy different environments.
  • Accelerate time to production with NVIDIA TAO Toolkit
Optimize your new model with NVIDIA TensorRT
  • Powers up to 40x faster inference than CPU-only platforms
  • Maximize throughput for latency-critical apps w/compiler & runtime
  • Optimize every network (CNNs, RNNs, & Transformers)
  • Optimizes use of GPU memory bandwidth

Accelerate Time to Production & Deploy at Scale

  • Create custom, production-ready models in hours rather than months
  • Fine-tune NVIDIA pre-trained models — without AI expertise or large training datasets
NVIDIA Triton Inference Server
  • Simplifies and optimizes the deployment of AI models at scale in production
  • Triton with the Forest Inference Library (FIL) backend delivers the best inference performance of tree models on GPUs, enabling simplifying the deployment of large tree models on GPUs with low latency and high accuracy.
  • Model Analyzer optimizes for App Constraints
  • Enables powerful distributed Multi-GPU Multi-Node inference with up to 266x performance increase over CPU-only

Stability & Enterprise Support

Stability & Enterprise Support
  • Extend your team to include NVIDIA Experts through Lenovo’s AI Center of Discovery and Excellence, your team has access to the combined expertise of Lenovo’s and NVIDIA’s Data Science expertise for guidance on optimal configuration, Proof of Concept testing, and performance validation.
  • 8-5 global business hour support
  • Guidance on optimal configuration and performance
  • Access to engineering for issue resolution
Priority Notifications
  • Ticket prioritization and coordinated support across partners through to issue resolution
  • Latest security fixes and maintenance releases
Long Term Support
  • With Lenovo AI-ready servers, the platform accelerates the speed at which developers can build AI and high-performance data analytics workloads on the same infrastructure they have already invested in and delivers enterprise-class manageability, security, and availability.
  • Lenovo AI-ready systems power the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software solution, delivering the highest performance for your AI workloads on a reliable and secure infrastructure.
  • Gives you better control of your upgrade and maintenance schedules with certified LTS options
  • Up to 3 years for designated software branches

Solution brief : AI-Ready Enterprise Platform

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming every industry, whether it’s by improving customer relationships in financial services, streamlining manufacturer supply chains, or helping doctors deliver better outcomes for patients

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